Natural Hair Care Routine

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As I've been shifting more and more towards all natural products, I have found it hard to find a good quality, natural hair care brand. That is, until I found out about Monat from Brenda and Nature's Hair Care. From the first sample I tried I was immediately hooked and have now completely switched to [...]

7 Tips for Curling Your Hair

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In this post I'm bringing you back to basic with showing you 7 tips for curling your hair. You can also keep your hair in tip top shape by using these 5 tips for maintaining healthy hair. I have received these products for free in exchange for writing a post, and although sponsored I maintain [...]

5 Tips – How to Keep Healthy Hair

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I have always been someone who has kept my hair long and healthy even though I dyed it bright red every single month. Just under a year ago I decided to go back to my natural hair colour because the upkeep became ridiculous after dyeing my hair every month for almost 10 years. When the [...]

5 Tips for How to Braid Your Hair

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Do you like braided hairstyles, but don't feel too confident doing your own? Follow these tips to find out how to braid and make that braided hairstyle Instagram worthy. #1 START WITH THE BASICS If you want to master your braid start with the basics and move your way up. Get to know your basic [...]