Wedding DIY – How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet in a Shadow Box

There are so many different ideas for preserving the memories of your wedding. I had a beautiful bouquet from Night Song Farms, a local sustainable farm that I highly recommend, and I knew I wanted to do something with it, but there are so many options it took a really long time to choose. Finally, I decided to create this special keepsake wedding shadow box using the bouquet, the piece of wood our ring bearer used, and a special wedding photo. You could also incorporate your wedding garter, a piece of your dress or his clothing, along with any decorations that are special to you. You also don’t need to keep this DIY wedding related, you could use it for a different bouquet that’s been given to you for a special occasion. The possibilities really are endless <3

The first step of this wedding DIY is to dry out your bouquet, which I had no idea how to do but was surprised by how easy it was. Check out below for how to preserve your wedding bouquet, and continue on to make your super cute keepsake wedding shadow box.

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  • Shadow box – these can be hard to find, I ordered mine off Amazon
  • Dried wedding bouquet  – see below for how to do this
  • Scissors
  • Wedding picture
  • Ruler
  • Ring bearer item, and any other wedding keepsakes you’d like to preserve

How to preserve your wedding bouquet and how to make this special DIY keepsake wedding shadow box.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

It’s surprisingly easy to preserve your wedding bouquet. Follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to make your keepsake wedding shadow box.

  1. Add some sort of tie to the stems of your wedding bouquet.
  2. Tie it to something upside down – I attached my bouquet and 2 of my bridesmaids’ bouquets to a hanger.
  3. Leave it to dry out.

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How to Make a Keepsake Wedding Shadow Box

These steps are for making the same style of a keepsake wedding shadow box with the bouquet, ring bearer pillow/wood/whatever you used, with a picture. You can adjust these steps however you want to make it work with the keepsakes you’d like to include.

  1. Measure the dimensions you need to cut your photo to fit the ring bearer item.
  2. Using a ruler trace your cutting lines.
  3. Trim your picture, and punch a hole at the top center of the photo.
  4. Attach your photo to the ring bearer item.
  5. Cut the stems off all of your flowers, including greenery .
  6. One by one arrange the flower bulbs and greenery in the shadow box, placing your other wedding keepsakes in the box as you go. Make sure to pause, attach the back, and take a look at your progress. You may want to adjust things as you go.


There ya have it, how to preserve your wedding bouquet, and how to make a special keepsake wedding shadow box. Make sure to pin this post on Pinterest for future use, or to send to a friend, and if you end up recreating it please share it with me on social media. I’d love to see how you made this wedding DIY yours.

xo Jannine

Learn how to dry out your wedding bouquet and create this cute DIY wedding keepsake shadow box.

Learn how to dry out your wedding bouquet and recreate this easy DIY wedding keepsake shadow box. Video tutorial included.

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