Working with Sierra has been truly life changing for our family. I’ve heard so many bad things about sleep training a toddler and was very relieved with how our gentle sleep training program went with Sierra from Sweet Sleep. She was able to help us turn things around with our toddler and set our newborn up for sleeping success (read more about how to get a newborn to sleep).

Our experience sleep training a toddler with a gentle sleep training method

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Sleep Training a Toddler

We had previously worked with a sleep consultant when Logan was around 7 months old. With her help we were able to get Logan from waking every 1 – 2 hours throughout the night (seriously the worst!) to only waking once or twice, and by the time he was around 1 year old he generally slept through the night. However, we ended up in a bad position because I was the only one able to put Logan down to sleep and I had to be with him to fall asleep. That meant bedtime and any night wakings could take a very long time which got harder and harder the more pregnant I got.

Fast forward to when our daughter Addi was born when Logan was 18 months old and my hubby had to take over dealing with Logan’s bedtime and night wakings as I was dealing with Addi. Everything unraveled within a few weeks and by the time Addi was a month old Logan was sleeping the majority of the night in our bed, and I would spend part of the night sleeping on Addi’s floor because I was worried her cries in the monitor would wake him up. We were sleep deprived and going absolutely crazy, something needed to change. 

I reached out to Sierra and she set us up with her Newborn Sleep Shaping Program and Sleep Learning for Toddlers. We had some major hesitations at first given everything we went through with previous sleep training, but we knew we needed support to help us get the results we so desperately needed. And I mean desperate! We had a long phone call with Sierra and she set us up with a gentle strategy. With a lot of hard work, consistency, and a bit of flexibility, within a week everything had completely turned around!

The first stages of our program were challenging, but not as hard as I was expecting. The crying was very minimal, but it did take a lot of work dealing with all of his wakings which was totally expected. I felt great, we could totally do this. Before we were ready to move completely out of the room I had a phone call with Sierra who provided tips for how to handle different scenarios and gave me confidence to head into the next phase of the plan. That night, night 5, was INCREDIBLY hard for us. He was crying, we were freaking out, it was complete mayhem. I think I’ll always remember that night, the night we barely kept it together but managed to push through. As difficult as it was, I  stuck as closely to plan as I could and we made it to morning.

The following day I had another phone call and Sierra helped give me some more tools to use for different situations. I was extremely worried and stressed about how night 6 would go and really did not want to repeat the terribleness that was the night before. We pushed forward, and with Sierra’s help made some slight adjustments to the plan. To my complete disbelief we had a really successful night! He layed down 1 minute after we left the room and he slept through the night! I was in complete disbelief! Our 19 month old terrible sleeper seriously slept through the night within 6 days of starting the program and his sleep has stayed that way ever since.

I know this all could sound too good to be true, trust me I’ve been there, but we were able to sleep train our toddler within a week. Yes there was crying, and I totally broke down at moments, but looking back, it was such a short blip of time that took a lot of hard work and has made a huge impact on our entire family. Logan is well rested and happier during the days, and my hubby and I are getting the sleep we need to do all of life’s things.

If you are struggling with your child’s sleep I highly recommend reaching out to Sierra. We struggled with sleep for sooooo long and it didn’t have to be that way. If things feel impossible and you’re completely exhausted, please know that there is someone who can help you make your situation better. If you’d like to learn more about Sierra and Sweet Sleep you can join her Facebook group Sweet Sleep Parenting Community where you can ask questions and find great information about sleep and parenting.

xo Jannine

Our experience sleep training a toddler with the help of a sleep consultant who used a gentle method of sleep training.