Parenting isn’t easy, so any way we can make things a little more simple and work better is a total win in my book. That’s why I’ve reached out to a bunch of Mom Bloggers to bring you these 25 mom hacks that actual moms find useful and use all the time. This isn’t your usual mom hacks post with a bunch of tips you’ve seen a ton of times. They’re all very useful and you probably haven’t seen them everywhere, I know I sure haven’t!

I hope you find these parenting hacks useful, and please take some time to check out the other mom bloggers who’s tips you really like 🙂 If you like these kinds of posts please let me know in the comments below. I can definitely keep creating more around different topics that relate to motherhood ❤️️

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25 Mom Hacks

25 Practical Mom hacks that mom bloggers use everyday.

Newborn Hacks

1. Yoga Balls for Calming: Yoga balls are not only great for labor but also for bouncing your baby to sleep in the early newborn days or helping calm a colicky baby. No rocking chair needed! – Angela Tipton – My Chronic Dreams

2. Absorbent Burp Cloths: Use prefold diapers as burp cloths if you have a spilly baby! They’re super absorbent and are larger than most burp cloths. – Christine Keys – Christine Keys

Tips for Baby and Toddler Sleep

3. White Noise Machine: Invest in a good white noise machine! It makes all the difference in creating a positive sleep association that also covers up noise at home or while travelling. – Hillary Walters – Write One Week

4. Get Some Extra Time When Baby Wakes: When your baby is around 9 or 10 months and can move independently in their crib, sneak a book into their room where they can reach it after they fall asleep. It’ll give you a little extra time in the morning before you have to get them up. They’ll wake up and find the book to look at for a few minutes giving you extra time to sleep or make coffee. – Nikki Howlett – Toot’s Mom Is Tired

5. Keep Your Toddler’s Diaper On: For little ones who like to undress while in their crib you can put a stop to the messes by putting the diaper on backwards. Even if they get their sleeper off they can’t figure out how to take off the diaper! If your little one is an extra smart bugger you can use duct tape too. – Becca Metauro – Life by Becca

6. DIY Sleep Sack: If you’re in a pinch for a sleep sack and it’s warm enough you can quickly turn an adult t-shirt into a toddler sleep sack. – Missy Parlane – In Our Pond

Tips for Diaper Changes and Potty Training

7. Keep Your LO Entertained During Changes: If your little one hates diaper changes try and prepare by having things ready to occupy them. It can be their bottle of milk and their vitamins, or a favourite toy you only bring out for diaper changes. – Tanya Young – Millennial Motherhood

8. Dispose of Diapers When There’s No Garbage: Keep dog poop bags in your diaper bag for when you’re out and about and aren’t around a garbage to put your dirty diaper in. – Jannine MacKinnon – Happy Stylish Fit

9. Attach Wipes to the Potty: Use packaging tape to attach a pack of flushable wipes to the side of the toddler potty. That way you know the wipes will always be there and not move around the house. – Dani Ward – Diapers in Paradise

10. Keep a Potty Kit in Your Vehicle: Keep a potty seat in the back of your vehicle to avoid accidents when your toddler doesn’t want to go no matter where you are. You can alse keep a basket with toilet paper, wipes, a trash container, and hand sanitizer so you’re ready to go no matter what. – Val Breit The Common Cents Club

Tips for Picky Eaters

11. Easy Foods with More Veggies: Get your picky eater to eat more veggies with veggie muffins, veggie pouches, or smoothies. – Brittany Olander – Not a Blob

12. Use Veggie Pouches in Cooking: Add baby food veggies to toddler meals so they get their veggies and don’t know the difference! I use it as a base for sauces and add it to things like mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, or on toast! – Lydia Louise – Lydia Louise

Health and Wellness Tips

13. Turn Everyday Activities into a Workout: Get your exercise in by turning everyday activities into a workout like cooking and stepping, squat cleaning, and more. – Michelle Huddleston – With the Huddlestons

14. Be Prepared with Your Children’s Medication: Always make sure you have child/infant friendly medication in your first aid kit both for at home and while travelling. – Chryssy Joski – Well Rounded Mom

15. Take Time For You Everyday: So many women forget who they are when they have children, because children can be all consuming. But take a little time each day to remember who you are. Whether it’s putting on makeup, and getting dressed, or eating half a package of Oreos…do it! Take the time to care for yourself. When you do, there will be more of you to give! – Sharee – The Mom Hack

Cleaning Hacks

16. Double Up Bedding: Double up crib bedding: mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, then another sheet. It makes late night blowouts and leaks so much easier to deal with since you don’t have to completely remake the bed. – Mallory Herrera – Mama on Parade

17. Use a Timer to Get Things Done: Get housework done while having a newborn by setting short time goals. Set a timer for 20 minutes to try and complete a specific task like folding laundry, putting dishes away, etc. – Brittney DeYoung – Raw Motherhood Blog

18. Carpet Cleaning Hack: Make carpets smell fresh and clean even after your kids smash mac n cheese into them with this simple DIY carpet cleaner. In a mason jar, layer 1/4 cup baking soda with 3 – 4 drops of essential oils (lemon juice works if you don’t have oils). Repeat until the jar is full, then poke holes in the lid to make a shaker! Shake on carpets and let sit for 10 minutes before vacuuming up. – Casey Anderson – Collectively Casey

19. Keep Mould Out of Bath Toys: Seal bath toys with holes with a glue gun. – Jannine MacKinnon – Happy Stylish Fit

20. Make Hand Washing Fun: Make a hand washing station in your house that is fun, colourful, and easily accessible to little ones and make it a routine to wash hands regularly. – Lydia Louise – Lydia Louise

Organization Tips

21. Rotate Your Toys: Rotate your toys. It helps cut down on toy clutter and your kids will be interested again in toys they haven’t seen in a while, and it will save you money by having to buy fewer toys. – Suchot Sunday – The Curious Frugal

22. Make Clean Up Time Fun: Make a game out of clean up time and get your toddler to help by putting their toys away in it’s proper bin/basket. – Maria Fleener – Everyday Mom Squad

23. Have Shoes and Socks Ready: Keep a bin of socks and shoes by the door because with toddlers you’re always running late and the last thing a Mom needs is to track down a pair of socks. – Bridget Nai – This Mom Life

24. Prep Your Weekday Meals: Batch cook/prep some of your family’s favourite staple foods on the weekend (chili, muffins, smoothie packs, etc.). Doing this one thing alone saves me so much time throughout my super busy week! – Whitney Earl – Whitney Earl

25. Prepare Your Diaper Bag: Pack your diaper bag the night before. Things always take forever the morning of (especially when you’re trying to get two under two out of the house)! Having that diaper bag packed the night before will save you time. And always make sure you have snacks and extra clothes! – Laura Liira – SS Heart Blog


I’ve hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful. If you end up trying any of them out please make sure to share and tag @HappyStylishFit to be featured. If you like these kinds of posts please let me know and I can continue to create them for you.

xo Jannine

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25 Parenting Hacks for babies and toddlers - Mom Bloggers share their best tips.

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25 Parenting hacks for babies and toddlers.

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