It can be a long struggle learning how to apply eyeliner just right, but more recently I feel like I’ve finally been able to get it just right and I wanted to share with you the eyeliner tips that have helped me up my game. It starts with the right product – I can’t wait to share with you my new favourite eyeliner – with the right application method, followed by giving everything time to set. Hopefully you’ll find these tips as helpful as I do. On a side note I’m going straight to pluck my eyebrows after I post this. You can barely see any hair normally, but wow does the camera pick up everything! Eyebrow grooming time I here I come.

How to apply eyeliner - 7 tips to get your eyeliner on fleek - Happy Stylish Fit


I’ve struggled to find the right eyeliner for years and could never apply it quite how I wanted. Finally I discovered Essence’s Superfine Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in my October Ipsy Glam Bag and everything changed – thanks Ipsy! Seriously, applying eyeliner is completely different and so much better. Everything finally clicked and all of those Pinterest and Instagram tips finally made sense.

I love this eyeliner because it hits all my must haves in an eyeliner a) super fine at the tip (can finally draw fine lines!), b) felt tip (no gloopage!), and c) a very deep black. The only downside is that it runs out somewhat quickly, but to be fair I’ve been using it like crazy and I have no problem with that with it’s super affordable price of $2.99 USD – I’ve already bought a new one and a backup one!

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This tip was a serious game changer for me. If you rest your elbow on a surface like your counter or dresser you’ll be able to apply a much steadier line – mind=blown! In the morning before I eat I can be a little bit shaky and it can make it hard to apply eyeliner. I would rest my hand on my cheek, but it never really helped. Applying my eyeliner became so much easier after I started resting my elbow on something. Try it, you’ll love it!


Apply your eyeliner by using small strokes and slowly build and fill in. It’s much easier to slowly add more than to try and take away a big oops.


Pulling the skin around your eyes creates an uneven line. For a crisp line you want to leave the skin around your eye sit naturally.

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To create a nicely angled wing follow the curve of your lower lash line. Once you create your first line start the next one by starting slightly down from the tip, rather than at the tip, and go back towards your eye. If you do it this way it leaves the tip nice and crisp.


Keep your eyes slightly more closed than normal until your eyeliner has dried. There’s nothing worse than having some eyeliner transfer to your eyelid immediately after you’ve perfected your look.


Fix any mistakes with a q-tip. Slightly roll it and lightly touch the skin as you remove it to prevent it from smudging further. If the eyeliner has set you can use a small amount of makeup remover on the q-tip, or cover it with some eyeliner if it’s on the outer edge.

There ya have it, 7 eyeliner tips to help you up your eyeliner game. Once I mastered these tips I felt like I could finally apply eyeliner how I want to, and I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me. Do you have any tried and true tips that I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear them, please share below. After I discovered my new love of Essence products I went on a slight binge and a bit of a haul. I’ll be sharing many Essence reviews in the near future, stay tuned <3

Xo Jannine

How to apply eyeliner - 7 tips to get your eyeliner on fleek - Happy Stylish FitHow to apply eyeliner - 7 tips to get your eyeliner on fleek - Happy Stylish Fit