The right accessories can tie a whole outfit together making you feel confident and ready to rock your day. Ever wonder how celebrities always look so put together in jeans and a top? It’s all in the accessories baby. Putting the right accessories together with an outfit gives it that extra umph, and it can be a great way to play with trends without breaking the bank. You can find affordable on trend pieces that will make you feel like your outfit came right out of a magazine. So let’s put some sass in your step by learning how to accessorize like an it girl with these 7 tips.


I know, I know, it can be easy to pile on all of these pretty little pieces, but if you want that put together look I recommend sticking to 1 – 2 bold pieces max. We want to keep things simple and balanced. If you layer too many statement pieces you risk looking cluttered and flashy leaving you feeling self conscious – don’t get me wrong, if you love to stack on the bangles and big rings all the power to ya, but if you’re looking for a more put together sophisticated look I suggest keeping it simple. The more basic the outfit the bolder you can go with the accessories.


Statement earrings are a great way to dress up any outfit, and can double as a great conversation piece at your next get together. Let the sparkle shine through by choosing large pieces when your hair is down. Play with statement studs or drop earrings when you’re wearing an up-do. Just remember it’s all about balance, when going for large statement earrings keep the other accessories minimal. Large earrings pair great with basic bracelets, no need for a necklace.

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Long, layered necklaces are very on trend right now, especially if you layer with a choker! These long layers elongate your body and add a little personality to any outfit. Mix 2 or 3 together while keeping heavier charms and pendants on the longer necklaces, with smaller charms and simple chains on the shorter necklaces.


Are you a little shy for bold colours and bright patterns? Bold accessories can be a great way to play with bolder pieces without being too overwhelming at first. Add some sass in your step with a red shoe, or patterned bag. My gal pal Amanda from @AmandaNHughes kills it by pairing this cute leopard clutch with so many different outfits.


Scaling your accessories to your body size will help you hit the right balance. Smaller frames can stick with small to medium accessories that reflect your petite body. Medium frames can play around with different sizes of jewelry, but if you’re shorter and want to lengthen be careful of going too big. Larger frames can stick with medium to large accessories to reflect your voluptuous body type.

Embrace the boho vibes with the right accessories. Tassel, fringe and suede create an awesome bohemian vibe for this well dressed casual outfit.


If you want to accessorize like an it girl it’s important to keep your neckline in mind when choosing the right necklace for your outfit. Collared or shorter statement pieces go great with a crew neck top. Layer your necklaces with one hitting above your vneck, and another hitting below. This pin is a great guide for all different necklines and necklaces. Mikayla from @MikaylaKuehn does a great job of styling this statement necklace to match her neckline and body type.


Accessories are a great way of drawing the eye to a particular place. If you’re not feeling too hot about your skin draw attention to a bold shoe, bag, or a long necklace. If you’re feeling spicy and want to show off some cleavage you could wear a drop necklace with a vneck. Use accessories as a way to tie things together and help boost your confidence by adding some extra sass and drawing the eye to where you want it.

Accessories tie a whole outfit together. They can make a simple tshirt and leggings outfit go from comfy and basic, to super cute and trendy while still keeping the comfort. Play around with different sizes and lengths to find pieces that work for you and your wardrobe. Test out these tips with different outfits and you’ll be feeling like an it girl the next time you leave the house. Join my Style Yourself Confident mailing list if you’d like to learn more ways to add some sass in your step with fashion.

Do you have any favourite accessory tricks? I’d love to hear them, please comment below with any tips and tricks.

xo Jannine

Use these 7 tips for how to accessorize like an it girl to leave you feeling awesome the next time you put an outfit together and strut out of the house.
Use these 7 tips for how to accessorize like an it girl to leave you feeling awesome the next time you put an outfit together and strut out of the house.