Day 5 of Gift Guides is for the foodie in your life. There’s lots of great items ranging from nifty stocking stuffers all the way to fancy small appliances. 

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Your ultimate foodie gift guie.

#1 Cheese Board

Cheese boards are a great gift for foodies or anyone that loves their cheese and crackers and/or charcuterie boards. Obviously, I love this agate one from Anthropologie, but you can find ones that suit the personality of your foodie.

Buy now for $78 USD, buy this bamboo set complete with bowls for $57 CAD.

#2 Spoon Rest

Spoon rests are a great gift for anyone who likes to cook. It keeps their kitchen clean and they’ll think of you everytime they’re cooking. There are so many different spoon rests to choose from. With a little hunting, you can find one that suits your foodie’s personality.

Buy now for $5.59 USD.

#3 Food Huggers

Food huggers are great way to keep food fresh without using so much wastable plastic garbage. They’re a great gift for anyone who cooks that’s also environmentally conscious.

Buy now for $19.95 USD, or buy a similar set for $15.88 CAD.

#4 Miracle-Gro AeroGarden

Your foodie can make their own herbs with a herb garden. This particular one is super nifty with a light source which makes it great for growing herbs all year round.

Buy now for $64.99 USD, or buy in Canada for $79.92 CAD.

#5 Garlic Peeler

Everyone seems to hate how long and finnicky it can be peeling garlic. Make your foodie’s life easier with a silicone garlic peeler. Makes for a great stocking stuffer!

Buy now for $3.99 USD, or buy this 2 piece set for $11.79 CAD.

#6 Cookbook

Cookbooks make for great gifts for foodies. I personally love the Thug Kitchen cookbooks. Although they’re vegan, meat lovers always love the recipes. If you opt for Thug Kitchen I recommend getting the original one or Party Grub.

Buy Party Grub for $13.91 USD, or buy in Canada for $26.99 CAD.

#7 Pineapple Cutter

This is one of my holy grail kitchen tools that’s perfect for any pineapple lover in your life. Now only does it make cutting pineapple a breeze, but you can also drink the leftover juice straight from the pineapple.

Buy now for $14.95, or buy in Canada for $16.99.

#8 Himalayan Salt Grater

Himalayan salt has been gaining lots of popularity for the minerals in it compared to normal salt, and it’s supposed to taste way better too. This little salt grater would make a great gift for the foodie in your life.

Buy now for $35 USD, or buy a similar one in Canada for $17.49.

#9 TFal ActiFry

I was given this as a Christmas gift 2 years ago and have used it almost every week since. Not only is it a healthier way to make fried foods with only using 1 tbs of oil, but it makes delicious fries, hashbrowns, garlic shrimp, and even butter chicken/butter vegetables.

Buy now for $240 USD, or buy in Canada for $149.95 CAD.



xo Jannine

Your holiday gift guide for the foodie in your life.

Your ultimate holiday gift guide for the foodie on your shopping list.