Before kids, I was never big on holidays, but now that I have a toddler with a baby on the way I love the excuse to spoil them with something small and have some family time. As much as I like spoiling my little guy, I think it’s important to be intentional and not buy a bunch of junk that he’ll lose interest in. These Easter gift ideas are all items that are under $20 and will be used for more than just a day.

I’ve broken down these Easter gift ideas into 10 ideas for each babies and toddlers. I’ve linked all of the items to Amazon, but you can easily find them at the dollar store, Walmart, etc. I personally made our Easter basket for around $15 from items found at the dollar store, and that includes the cute basket. You can easily create something fun for your little one that is affordable and that they’ll actually use over the coming months and years.

Easter basket filler ideas for babies and toddlers. Affordable easter gift ideas that aren't just junk.

Easter Gift Ideas for Babies

Cute Drool Bib – I’m sure you probably have a favourite place to get cute drool bibs. Some of my faves are Bulle’s Teether Bibs, and Amazon Bib Packs.
Teething Toy – There’s lot’s of great teething toys that I’ve included in Best Teething Products and 3 – 6 Month Baby Essentials, but some faves are the Banana and Winkel Rattle.
Sun Hat – Locally, Carter’s Oshkosh is my favourite place to get sun hats but you can find some on Amazon too. This is a really cute girl one, and there’s a cute dino hat that I found.
Bubbles – Although itty bitty babies don’t quite play with bubbles yet, I think babies of all ages find them to be really interesting and it can be fun to watch them be entranced, and even more fun when they start swatting at them. I found some at the dollar store, but Amazon has the same 6 pack.
Stuffies – If you have a little one that likes their stuffies, this can be another excuse to get them something cute or a new lovey to try and introduce.
Bath Toys – There are all sorts of bath toys that you can get, but I found for the first year my little loved his simple stacking cups most.
New Sippy Cup – Hands down, the best sippy cup we’ve used are the Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup. It makes it so easy for babies to learn to drink because of it’s handles, and as long as you hand wash you shouldn’t experience leaking issues.
Manhattan Squish Toy – This is another great toy for little babes. Made of wood and elastic it’s easy for them to grab and feels good on teething gums. They have a regular version and a travel version with a suction cup that I mention in my Tips for Keeping Your Sanity While Travelling With a Baby.
PJ’s – You can never go wrong with a great pair of PJ’s. My new favourite is from Kyte Baby. They’re free from flame retardants and harmful chemicals, and they’re oh so soft on baby’s skin.
Stacking Rings – Stacking rings never get old. My little guy loved them when he was a baby, and continue to love them as a toddler. I love these Play Gro ones because they have different textures.

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Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Bubbles – Bubbles become even more fun as our little’s get older. You’ll be able to use them over and over again as the weather gets warmer. I found some at the dollar store, but Amazon has the same 6 pack.
Chalk – Toddlers are just starting to be able to have fun colouring. Sidewalk chalk is a gift that they’ll get a lot of use out of as they continue to grow. Again, I found some at the dollar store, but found a great deal for a 20 pack on Amazon.
Big Crayons – These palm crayons are so easy for toddlers to learn how to draw. They can easily hold it in their hand, and there’s no wrapper to get in the way of their colouring.
Bucket and Pail – As the weather warms up, little ones will be spending more time outside and at the beach making a bucket and pail a great Easter gift. There are so many variations you can find almost anywhere, but this is a nice simple set from Amazon.
Outside Balls – Again, you can find outside balls almost anywhere, but we really like this particular Todller Ball because the size is right and it’s texture makes it really easy for little hands to grab.
Stuffy – If your little one likes stuffies you can always get them something furry and cute just for Easter.
Snack Container – Snack containers are great for toddlers with their growing independence. They’re able to snack all by themselves, and these Ubbi ones help prevent a giant mess.
Bath Toy – Bath time gets more fun as our littles get older. This interactive pipe set from Boon is on our shopping list because it works on their fine motor skills by having to dump water down the pipes which can all be moved around and stuck to the side of the tub.
Bubble Bath – Bubbles are a lot of fun in the bath too. We love the Honest Company’s lavender bubble bath because of it’s clean ingredients.
Mega Blocks – Mega Blocks are one of our go to gifts, partly because I enjoy playing with them with Logan so much. You can find some really nice sets, but it’s also nice to have a big basic set to get creative with.


Happy Easter!

xo Jannine

Affordable Easter gift ideas for babies and toddlers that aren't just junk