If you know me, you know I’m all about finding great deals so when I found this round pedestal table at the side of the road I knew I had to snag it for a refinishing project. I messaged Matt immediately with the address and asked him to pick it up on his way home from work.

It was the perfect size for our little breakfast nook area, but the colours were all wrong and we needed to adjust the height to comfortable work with our seating set up. For seating, we have a bay window bench that we built (more on that later) and 2 bar stools that were handed down to us from a close family member, both of which sit at a higher level than your average kitchen chairs.

How to refinish a table when you are staining and painting it.

Adding Height to the Table

Matt was on duty for adding height to the table. At first he added 2 x 4’s to the bottom of the legs, but I was insistent that that wouldn’t do. Instead he used blocks underneath the table top to give it some height while still being hidden from standing and sitting view. It wasn’t a super professional job, but it works great for what we need.

Preparing the Table for Refinishing

The first stage was sanding, and wow was it a lot of sanding! We progressed through 3 grades of sandpaper. We started with a heavy 80 grit paper and worked our way down to a tiny 220 grit paper that left a smooth finish. Luckily we were able to use a power sander to do the table top, but the pedestal was another story.

Part way through hand sanding it we decided that we would only stain the table top and paint the bottom black. That way it would coordinate nicely with the bar stools, and I wouldn’t have to put quite as much effort into sanding the pedestal. I took a sanding block in a medium grit and ruffed up the finish on it, but didn’t stress too much about getting everything off. My main goal was to make sure it didn’t shine anymore so the paint would stick nicely to it. I used a basic abrasive green kitchen scrubby for any spots the sanding block wouldn’t fit.

How to paint and stain a table. Refinishing furniture DIY.

Staining the Tabletop

After all of the sanding was done and it was thoroughly wiped down, it was time to stain. It was my first time staining, and perhaps because of the particular product I was using, it took F O R E V E R!!! It had to dry 8 hours between every coat. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but I’m definitely looking into other staining products for future projects. I chose this particular stain because it included a shiny finish that sealed everything in and I thought I would get to skip a step, but it just ended up dragging on for days with me getting in to stain twice a day.

At first we opted for a dark mahogany because there was a slight reddish finish to the bar stools, but after 3 coats of the stain, it was too red and not dark enough. I went out and purchased a dark walnut version. Before sanding it down and redoing it with more crazy wait times I decided to try doing one coat on top and seeing what it looked like. We ended up liking it, and did one last additonal coat of the dark walnut, although it was probably unneccessary. It’s not an exact match but with how long the staining process was I’m happy with it.

Painting the Base

Next was the base which was a quick and easy spray paint job. With two coats sprayed 5 minutes a part, it was all set to be assembled within a few hours. It was much easier than all that staining!

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I am so happy with how it turned out after we assembled it in our breakfast nook area. It was my first furniture refinishing project so I definitely see a lot of mistakes like drips and not cleaning things up as well as I should have, but I still love it and feel so proud sitting at it. Next we have to do the tiling, the finishing on our bay window bench and the trim around the windows, door frames, and floor, and then I can show you our big kitchen reveal!


How to Stain and Paint a Kitchen Table

Refinishing a kitchen table may seem like a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Take your time sanding, and use a power sander whenever possible. When you're out shopping for stain and paint talk to a sales associate to get the right product that works for your job. I wish I asked more about products, I probably could've saved myself a lot of time! 


  • Table
  • Sandpaper in 3 different grit levels from smooth to rough
  • Green kitchen scrubby
  • Spray paint
  • Stain
  • Painbrush


  1. Sand everything that you will be staining with the 3 different grit levels of sand paper starting with the roughest paper and working your way to the smoothest paper. Make sure to sand with the grain of the wood and wipe down the table between each sand. 

  2. Sand everything you are painting with the medium grit sandpaper and use a green kitchen scrubby for any hard to get to places. Wipe down the table after sanding. 

  3. Apply the stain in thin even coats, making sure to clean up the edges as you move along. Follow directions for drying times between applications. 

  4. Follow the directions and paint where you plan to paint. 

  5. Let dry, assemble your table, and soak in your beautiful new DIY project!


What has been your favourite furniture refinishing project? What challenges did you face? Let me know in the comments below.

xo Jannine

How to refinish a table. DIY project for staining and painting a table. #DIY #HomeDecor #HomeImprovements #KitchenReno

How to stain and paint a table. DIY tutorial for refinishing a table. #DIY #HomeDecor #HomeImprovements #Renos