DIY gifts are a great way to add that personal touch. I always find them so thoughtful and they tend to make a bigger impact than other store-bought gifts. They’re also great for sticking with a holiday budget. This DIY gift guide has you covered for all sorts of people including gardeners, fishers, girl bosses, and Secret Santas.

Originally this gift guide was going to include a video tutorial for the trinket dish, but to be honest, these 10 days of gift guides is kicking my butt more than I expected. I have all of the supplies so I’ll try and do the tutorial sometime soon.

DIY gift guide.

#1 Spa Pack in Slippers

Make the woman in your life happy with a pampering spa pack inside some cozy slippers. You can fill them with a nice bath bomb, face mask, nail kit, moisturizer, chocolate, and anything else you think your lady will find relaxing. You could also make a guy version this with some lotto tickets, chocolate, gift cards, and cozy socks.

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#2 Wine Pineapple

Take your basic wine gift up a notch by covering it in tasty chocolate and throwing some green stuff on top to make it look like a pineapple.

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#3 Personalized Door Mat

A personalized door mat is a great gift for that special someone that you have no idea what to get them. The message can be sentimental, or more on the funny side. Whatever you think they’ll like best 🙂

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#4 Framed Quote

This super simple gift is great for anyone to use for some home decor and is fairly easy to put together. It also makes a great gift for the Girl Boss in your life!

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#5 Trinket Dish

This is such a cute idea and looks fairly simple to make. You can personalize the main feature to suit your special someone. Perhaps they like animals, or dinosaurs, or maybe even star wars. You can girlify anything with some white and gold paint.

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#6 Watering Can Suncatcher

This is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. All you need is a watering can, a hook, beads, and fishing line.

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#7 Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

This is such a great gift for the fisher in your life. You could use any beer caps you can find, or make it really personalized by only using their brand of beer. Bonus points if you drink the beer with them, and tell them later that that is what the caps are from.

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#8 Cocoa in a Jar

Almost anyone would be happy with cocoa in a jar, especially if it comes with Bailey’s too. This is also a great gift for Secret Santa!

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xo Jannine

Your holiday gift guide for DIY gifts.