Gift guide #3! Your holiday gift giving inspiration for the cocktail queen or king in your life.

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The ultimate gift guide for the cocktail queen or king on your shopping list.

#1 Ice Stones

Ice stones are great for anyone who likes their drink on the rocks without getting watered down. Be careful when picking these out. I’ve bought more affordable packs as a gift before and they ended up cracking and not working for very long.

Buy now for $49.99 (50% off!) or buy this stainless steel set for $29.97 CAD.

#2 Wine Topper and Charm Set

Give your wine lover this super cute, modern wine topper and charm set. Even if they always finish the bottle of wine they’ll have these pretty charms to bring out when friends are over.

Buy now for $19.99 USD or buy in Canada for $25.00 CAD.

#3 Floating Beer Pong Table

If your special someone is around college age there’s a good chance they’re into beer pong. Help them with some summer fun by gifting them this floating beer pong table. Bonus points for including some beer!

Buy now for $37.26 USD, or buy in Canada for $55.76. Spencer’s Gifts is also a great place to look for some in Canada.

#4 Wine Chiller Icicle

This is such a nifty gadget for anyone who enjoys white wine. They’ll be able to quickly chill it without watering it down. This makes for a great hostess gift too!

Buy now for $12.99 USD, or buy a similar one in Canada for $14.99.

#5 Bottle Opener With Cap Catcher

There’s no need to search for a garbage or find beer caps lying around when you have a bottle opener that catches bottle caps. This gift is great for people who like to have friends over or for any beer drinker.

Buy now for $18.99 USD. I couldn’t find a Canadian link for one that wasn’t ridiculously over priced, but you can find them in many novelty stores like Spencer’s Gifts.

#6 Watermelon Tapper

A watermelon tapper is a great gift for someone who likes to have a little fun and adventure with their summer cocktails. It also works on a wide range of fruits and even pumpkin! The possibilities are endless for your cocktail queen or king.

Buy now for $14.99, or buy for $19.99 CAD.

#7 Homebrew Kit

Do you have a beer lover on your list that likes to experiment a little? Give them a gift of a homebrew kit.

Buy now for $94 USD, or buy a similar kit for $65.00 CAD.

#8 Barware Set

You will please any cocktail enthusiast with a barware set. They’ll probably make you some tasty cocktails too!

Buy now on sale for $89.99, or combine this and this set for $97.72. Winners would also be a great place to look for some in Canada.

#9 Bar Cart

Bar carts are becoming more of a must have item in home decor and they’re a great gift for any alcohol enthusiast. You can find some that are smaller on wheels which are great for small spaces, and others are more geared towards accommodating wine bottle racks and spots for wine glasses. Whatever your cocktail queen/king likes you can find a nice bar cart to suit them.

Buy now for $129.99 USD or buy a similar one for $173.97 CAD



There ya have it, 9 fun items for your cocktail king or queen!

xo Jannine

Holiday gift guide for the cocktail lover in your life.

Gift Guide for the cocktail lover on your list.