10 Camping Hacks to Make Camping Easier!

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Summer is the season of camping. There's something special about spending time with your friends and family in the outdoors having fun with each other and living a simpler, hopefully unplugged kind of life. Camping can also be a lot of work to get everything ready and make sure you have everything you need. I'm [...]

20 Canada Day Party Ideas

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The long weekend is coming up and it's always fun to get together with friends, especially for our 150th, and that's why I've brought together this collection of Canada Day party ideas. I've had my fair share of killer Canada Day parties, but to be honest I haven't celebrated very much over the past couple [...]

50 Ways to Practice Self Care

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Often times Valentines Day is focused on date nights, but I like to think that the special love day is about more that the love in a relationship with a significant other, but also your love between other friendly and family relationships, as well as for yourself. That's why I'm bringing you these 50 ways to [...]

20 Items to Take to the Beach

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Ever forgot your sunscreen, or used a sandy towel to dry off? It sucks! Avoid these summer mishaps by having everything you need with these 20 items to take to the beach. It may sound like a lot of stuff, but these beach day essentials easily pack into your average sized beach bag and help keep [...]

5 Pinterest Boards to Follow

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Pinterest is a wonderful land full of great ideas to use in every aspect of your life, and I am freaking OBSESSED! If you're like me it's so easy to get click happy and jump around as you get lost down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, only to later realize you've spent over an hour on [...]

30 Fun Birthday Party Ideas from Pinterest for Adults and All Ages

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In celebration of my birthday today I have compiled a list of 30 fun birthday party ideas that I have found on Pinterest for adults, or even kids (minus the fun alcoholic drinks). A few of these I have done over the years like the Mario Kart go karting, and scavenger hunt, which are both [...]