20 Items to Take to the Beach

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Ever forgot your sunscreen, or used a sandy towel to dry off? It sucks! Avoid these summer mishaps by having everything you need with these 20 items to take to the beach. It may sound like a lot of stuff, but these beach day essentials easily pack into your average sized beach bagĀ and help keep [...]

9 Books on My 2016 Reading List

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After years of going to school I've started to get back into reading again. I used to feel so swamped with all of the textbooks I had to read, that I slowly stopped reading for fun. Then I found Audible - it's fantastic! I am now able to enjoy books while I am driving to [...]


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December has been a crazy month! I've finished up my semester in school, getting ready for the launch of this site, been busy at work, plus all of the Christmas planning, shopping, and festivities. It's been nuts! Christmas has been a little pushed to the side for me this year because I've been so busy [...]