Summer Loving Simply Earth Unboxing – June 2019

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June's Simply Earth Subscription Box is all about summer loving with essential oil recipes for traveling, hanging out at the beach, and taking care of your skin after all of those long days in the sun. Watch the Video GET YOUR SIMPLY EARTH SUBSCRIPTION BOX June Simply Earth Unboxing The June Simply Earth is full [...]

5 Essential Oil Skin Care DIY’s

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Essential oils have countless benefits, and many of them are great for skin. For the past few months I’ve been doing some experimenting and have come up with these 5 essential oil beauty DIY’s that have worked well for me and others. There can be so many chemicals hidden in beauty products under the guise [...]

Simply Earth Unboxing – Essential Oil Wellness Box

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This month's Simply Earth unboxing is all about wellness with some recipes to help with sickness, sleep, digestion, and anxiety. Watch the Video March Simply Earth Unboxing The March Simply Earth Subscription Box has an oil blend I've been wanting to get for so long, digest, and bonus, it comes with a recipe to make [...]

February Simply Earth Essential Oil DIY Recipe Subscription Box

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The February Simply Earth Subscription Box is all about natural makeup. There are way too many chemicals in most common makeup brands, and I love that Simply Earth has made it this month’s theme. If anything at all, it helps bring awareness so we can be more conscious about the products we are putting on our [...]

January Simply Earth Unboxing

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The January Simply Earth Subscription Box is all about natural skincare. It is seriously CRAZY the chemicals found in our skincare products (check out the Think Dirty app if you haven’t already) and it can be hard to find natural options that are budget friendly. Luckily Simply Earth has our backs and teaches us a [...]

9 Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

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One of the first things that attracted me to essential oils is that they are a clean way of bringing scents into your home without being worried about the chemicals that can be found in scented candles. Plus there’s so many great aromatherapy benefits, what’s not to love! If you’re like me, you like to [...]

5 Holiday Essential Oil DIY’s – December Simply Earth Unboxing

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Another month has come and passed which means it’s time to reveal the December Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box! As always the month’s theme fits perfectly with all of the oils and recipes geared towards relieving congestion, cold symptoms, and tension. This month I’m actually sharing each of the recipes with you and many [...]

Simply Earth Review – Essential Oils Review & Unboxing

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You’ve probably noticed me posting more and more about essential oils and about the Simply Earth subscription box (August Unboxing, October Unboxing, DIY Shelves, Essential Oils for Energy). There’s a lot of variables when it comes to essential oils, and we want to make sure we are exposing our families [...]

7 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Increase Energy and Concentration

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Essential Oils are great for so many different things, but did you know you can use essential oils to increase energy and concentration? Before October’s Simply Earth box I had no idea! I was blown away by how well the energy roll on worked so I did a little digging on Simply Earth’s website and [...]