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  • A super easy, 3 ingredient peppermint simple syrup recipe that is great for homemade iced teas and cocktails.

Peppermint Simple Syrup Recipe

  • Tired of your homemade iced tea turning out too bitter, not sweet enough, or just not flavourful enough? Try my full proof way of making the perfect glass of homemade iced tea. Bonus peppermint simple syrup recipe!

How to Make Homemade Iced Tea

  • Kick your excuses to the curb and make a healthy breakfast in no time at all with these 3 quick and healthy breakfast ideas.

3 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  • 20 Canada Day party ideas to inspire every aspect of your party planning from drinks to snacks, to desserts, to decor, and most importantly what to wear.

20 Canada Day Party Ideas

Collections of new and favouriteΒ Pinterest recipes.