As with many moms and babies, teething has been a long and steady road for us. Logan began teething since just 2.5 months old, before he was even old enough to hold a teether 🙁 and finally, at just over 9 months old he has cut his first tooth! Needless to say over these months and some sleepless nights we’ve tested out quite a few teething remedies and I’ve been able to narrow things down to our 10 best teething products to help relieve teething pain no matter what age your baby is.

10 Best Teething Products

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Teething Bib

It’s no secret, teething babies drool. Bulle has some great double sided teething bibs that a) absorb all of that drool, b) have a silicone teether point, and c) look super cute with their double-sided prints.

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Wood Teethers

Teethers with wood are great for relieving the pressure and helping the teeth cut through. We’ve been using Hootsy Baby’s rattle ring which Logan loves chewing on and playing with the wood.

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Freezer Teethers

These particular teethers are great because they stay frozen for a long time and help numb the area. They come in a 3 pack but Logan has ever really liked the 3 ended one that’s flatter and sits nicely in his mouth.

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Frozen Fruit in Feeder

Another great way to numb the area is by placing frozen fruit inside a feeder like the Boon silicon one which is really easy to clean compared to other mesh teethers. Logan loves frozen bananas or frozen berries and will go to town while receiving some relief.

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Baby Banana TeetheInfant Toothbrush

This banana teether is loved by all of my mom friends because all of our babes love it. It’s nice and long so its great for getting back in there as their molars and other teeth grow in. It also doubles as a toothbrush and so far Logan has been great while I get him used to me using it on him.

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Teething Necklace

Logan loves biting at my shoulder and different parts of my clothes, but he’s toned that down since I’ve started wearing this particular necklace from Hootsy Baby. What’s great about it is the long flat bead that lies flat across his front gums and can also get back in there as his other teeth come in. It’s also great for keeping his attention nice and close so he isn’t so distracted while breastfeeding.

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Manhattan Winkel Teether and Rattle

This is the best teething product for very young babies. The different loops are very easy for their tiny hands to grasp while they’re still working on hand coordination. You can also pop it in the freezer for added relief.

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Teething Pain Relief

Tooth Fairy Tea Essential Oil Roll On

We use the Tooth Fairy Tea roll on in conjunction with his amber anklet for his daytime pain relief. It can be applied at the earlobes and jawline but I worry about him getting it on his hands and rubbing his eyes or getting it in his mouth so I put it on the soles of his feet followed by his socks. It’s been working well for keeping his pain at bay so he’s not very fussy and can nap well.

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Amber Anklet

I’ve seen so many mixed reviews about amber jewelry but I truly feel like Logan is less fussy while he wears it. Many people love necklaces but they always freak me out. We tried a bracelet but he just pulled it off. We finally found the sweet spot when we found different lengths at Momease and were able to find one to fit his ankle and stay on. With the anklet he’s able to sleep with it on for continuous benefits.

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Infant Motrin

Unfortunately, our daytime remedies don’t seem to do the trick during the evening. I’ll hear him moaning and he’ll have frequent wakeups unless I give him some Motrin before bed. We tried Tylenol but I didn’t notice a difference, and Motrin seems to do the trick so he (and I) can get a better nights sleep.


Teething is so hard on our babies which makes it even harder on us while we try to comfort them through the pain and trouble sleeping. If I was told something would work I tried it right away. Not everything did the trick, but these are the best teething products in our arsenal. I hope they can help you as much as they’ve helped us. Do you have a favourite teething remedy? Please share it with us below <3

xo Jannine