Congratulations, you’re having a baby!! If you’ve stumbled upon this post I’m guessing that you’re gearing up for your baby shower, or in super nesting mode, or both. Either way, I’ve got your back girl! This is the ultimate Amazon baby registry list covering all of the big ticket items and all of the small. There are a couple of items that you may not want to get from Amazon, but I wanted to include them so you have a fully comprehensive baby registry list.

I find when you’re preparing for your first baby you want to get all the things, I know I did! But then you end up with a ton of stuff you barely use, or the particular kind you got just wasn’t right for you. I do recommend checking out big ticket items in person before you decide 100% what’s right for you. We all have different priorities and lifestyles so what you want may vary from what I love, but I’ve made sure to include lots of tips in this Amazon baby registry to help you decide 🙂 Make sure you check out the free downloadable printable checklist at the bottom of the post!

What you really need for your new baby as a first time mom. Complete amazon baby registry list with free printable.

Big Ticket Items

Pack & Play

This is our most used baby item hands down, and my brother loves theirs too. It has everything you need for a napping and change station including diaper storage and a basic mobile. You can set it up in your living room and pack it up for camping and traveling.

If you have a small house and/or don’t travel or do family visits often, then you can omit this item. 

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Click Connect Stroller System

Everyone is always so impressed with our click connect system. The jogger is a fantastic stroller with lots of storage and the infant bucket car seat moves seamlessly from car to stroller allowing your baby to nap uninterrupted.

As much as I absolutely love this stroller everyone does have different preferences and this would be a great item to take your time touching and feeling at a local baby boutique to make sure you choose the one that’s right for your lifestyle. That said, Amazon does have a great return policy if you don’t end up liking it 🙂

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There are lots of great cribs out there, and again you may want to check them out in person. We loved this one. It’s super sturdy, relatively easy to assemble, has lots of options for mattress levels, and it converts to a toddler bed.

Everyone is different and some families don’t use a crib at all. I highly recommend finding one second hand before buying new. 

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Change Table with Pad and Cover

Once again you may want to look at these in person. We had a hand me down one, but I chose this one to include in the post because it’s a good height so you’re not slumped over, it has drawers on the bottom so your baby won’t pull everything out like an open one with bins, and it looks great and coordinates with the crib.

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Swings are super helpful not only for keeping baby calm, but they’re a great safe place to put your new little one when you’re trying to take a shower or put away groceries. Although it’s not recommended, it also saved us during Logan’s first cold when he had to sleep elevated so he could breathe. This one is simple and does the trick, but there are fancier options out there.

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Play Mat

Don’t make the mistake myself and so many moms make with buying a puzzle play mat. You may think you they’re super cute or that your baby won’t pull it apart, but every mom, including myself, swears that at a certain age your baby will rip it apart and chew on it and there’s only so much you can do to keep it clean, especially with pets. Instead, opt for a super cute one like this double-sided non-toxic play mat from Little Bot.

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Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor is a great investment. It gives you piece of mind being able to check in and make sure they’re ok, and the temperature reading is so helpful for making sure the room is the right temperature. We purchased a motorola one that has ended up being junk and their customer service has sucked. If we were to rebuy we would get HOMIEE 360 that has all of the same features of panning up and down, night vision, large screen and two way radio, but with much better ratings.

This is another item you only need if you’re planning on having your baby sleep in their own room, or if you have a big house and may not hear them wake up from naps. We’ve used ours from the beginning, but not all families need them, especially during the first year. 

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Baby Gate / Playpen

This Regalo Baby playpen is the best playpen I have come across, hands down. It’s large, very secure, heat resistant, and easy (for adults) to get in and out of. It’s great for sectioning off a portion of your room, blocking off a fireplace (or woodstove like in our house), or creating a baby jail for your little. If you don’t want a huge one they have lot’s of different length options.

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Glider Chair

This is a lifesave to have on those long hard nights during the early days comforting your newborn baby. I don’t know what I would have done without mine. We had a hand me down, but you don’t need anything special but a gliding foot stool definitely helps.

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Oball Toys

Oball toys are great for babies little hands. The first toy our little gut played with is their rattle which is nice and light, and he’s grown to love their little car with fun moving wheels.

Rattle Shop US / Shop CA | Car Shop US / Shop CA

Manhattan Toys

Super unique toys that are great for hand dexterity. Logan loved the Winkel rattle because it has super colourful tubes that are neat to look at and easy to hold. We also really liked the Skwish Stix because it has a suction cup you can stick to high chairs, tables in restaurants, tables on airplanes, etc.

Winkel Shop US / Shop CA | Skwish Stix Shop US / Shop CA

Toy Leash

Toy leashes can be such a life saver. They easily attach to your baby’s toy and to their stroller, carrier, high chair, etc and prevent the toy from dropping to the floor. They’ve saved us so many times in restaurants and airports! You can also attach a bunch of toys to it so it’s like a cluster they can play with on the couch during family visits.

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Jolly Jumper

Babies absolutely love Jolly Jumpers. They’re great for strengthening their legs and they seem to really enjoy the independence of it. Our son also seemed to have extra fun with the musical play mat as well. He’d always get extra excited and laugh when I would change the music and I’ve heard from other moms that their kids love the play mat with it too.

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Crinkle Books

Babies love crinkle books! This one in particular is great because all of the animal tails are different textures and hang out so your baby can figure out how to turn the page.

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Exersaucers are great for building your baby’s muscles and keeping them busy while you do x, y, z. These can be quite pricey to buy brand new so I do recommend purchasing them second hand through some sort of swap and shop. I’ve attached a link for the one we have that we love.

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Grooming & Health

Bath Tub

This is one baby item we cheaped out on and it was so frustrating bathing our LO in the early newborn days. Save yourself the frustration and get a nice baby bath they can lie in comfortably and securely while you bathe your new little bundle. This particular one has multi uses and the infant insert can fit in some sinks and the base can be used as a seat or stool after they graduate into the big tub.

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Baby Cloths

You are going to go through so many baby cloths. I always have a few around for cleaning up spit up, solid food, wiping hands, bathtime and cleaning butts. The uses are endless, and these particular baby cloths are slightly nicer than your average ones and won’t fall about from washing after a few months. They’re also super soft so baby will appreciate <3

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Nose Sucker

Not going to lie, but as our little guy has gotten older I just use my pinky nail to get those boogers out. But, when your little is super tiny or if they get runny and plugged up this will be such a life saver! A little #momhack for you if your little one is super stuffed up you can elevate their crib by putting books under the legs on one end of the crib <3

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Especially when they’re tiny, you will be so happy to have a thermometer even if you’re a little worried about them. Some babies react to vaccines with fever, and no matter what at some point your little babe will get sick and you’ll need to check their temp. Some people like fancy ones that swipe along the forehead, but there’s no need for it, and many nurses recommend your basic simple one. We got ours from Walmart and I couldn’t find a good one on Amazon but I wanted to include it so you have it for your list. Just make sure you get a quick read one. There’s nothing worse than dealing with an upset crying little babe and a thermometer that takes 45 seconds to read. In that moment 45 seconds feels like a lifetime!


Breastfeeding Pillow

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, a good breastfeeding pillow is a must. It’s also great to comfortably feed baby bottles too! Just keep in mind that not all pillows are created equally. This one is great because it maintains it’s shape and doesn’t sink down from baby’s weight. It also works great as a back support while they learn to sit.

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Boon Baby Accessory Drying Rack

Whether you’re bottle feeding or not you’re going to want this adorable little drying rack. We didn’t end up bottle feeding, but it’s so perfect for drying all of baby’s little accessories without getting lost. Link their little Tylenol syringes, sippy cup lids, and so on.

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Munchkin Spoons

I had no idea I could love a spoon as much as I love this Munchkin White Hot Spoon. It fits the hand perfect with just the right amoun of curve to easily slide food in your baby’s mouth. It’s also just the right size so it fits in nicely without rubbing on the sides of their mouth and the tip goes white if the food is too hot. It’s seriously amazing!

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Munchkin Bowls

Babies love grabbing at their food and easily knock their dishes all over the place. These Munchkin bowls suction to the table so they stay put while your little one tries to pull it up. Warning, I do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. 

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Babies make lots of messes while eating. Using a semi-rigid silicone bib makes sure most of the food is caught and is super easy to clean.

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Munchkin Sippy Cups with Accessory

We went through a few sippy cups and these ones are the bomb diggity. They allow babies to learn how to drink properly out of a cup without spilling, the handles allow them to be held easier, they’re easy to clean, and you can purchase an accessory lid and straw set which makes them perfect for morning smoothies!

Sippy Cup Shop US / Shop CA | Lid and Straw Accessory Shop US / Shop CA

High Chair

High chairs are great to have even before your baby starts solid food. It’s a safe place for them to sit and you can attach toys to help keep them occupied while you do chores around the house. We love the Phil and Teds Poppy High Chair because it’s super easy to clean and easy to get babies in and out of.

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Diaper Genie

You’re going to want a place to toss all of those diapers that’s away from your kitchen, and you’re definitely going to want to hide the smell once they start solid foods! The diaper genie is great and you have lots of options for refills. You can subscribe and save on Amazon, or use Costco or Walmarts no name brands.

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White Noise Machine

A white noise machine will become your best friend for helping your baby stay asleep through noises and disruptions. This one is great because it runs off AC power but has the option to use back up batteries for power outages and traveling. It also has a wide range of settings and great volume control and sound quality.

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Crib Mattress and Bedding

There are so many different mattresses out there for babies. We went with this one. It’s on the basic end, comes with a waterproof encasement, and our sone has had no issues with it. As for bedding, it all depends on your nursery theme. Search around and make sure you are getting the right sized sheet, and not mini crib sheets, unless you’re wanting to get a mattress and sheet for your pack and play like we did.

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Storage Bins

You’ll learn that babies slowly take over your house with all their stuff, even if you’re living minimally. Keep some organization with these super affordable storage bins that come in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

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Baby Linens

These are the number one gift people give out to expecting parents. Don’t buy any! I’m only including them on this list for the off chance you don’t end up getting any. If you’re in that situation make sure you have a few swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, cozy baby blankets, and baby hooded towels.


Diaper Backpack

You will likely want to upgrade to a nice diaper bag, but don’t make the mistake I made in investing in one before I knew what I wanted and ended up wanting other ones. This backpack one has tons of storage with lots of pockets, is gender neutral and comfortable to wear.

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Baby Book

Document your baby’s memories in a cute baby book. I love this one from Peter Pauper Press because it helps you capture memories for baby’s first year. However, it can be very in depth and hard to find the time to fill out. If you want something less time consuming they have a calendar version that is much simpler.

Baby Book Shop US / Shop CA | Baby Calendar Shop US / Shop CA

Pregnancy brain can make you go a little all over the place, make sure to download your free ultimate amazon baby registry printable checklist!


I’m not going to include a big list here explaining each item because I think we all need why a baby needs a shirt, but these are the items you will want to get:

  • Onesie shirts (they don’t ride up like tshirts do)
  • Bottoms
  • Baby socks
  • Sweaters
  • Little hats
  • Drool/spit up bibs
  • Sleepers
  • Sleep sacks

First time mom baby shopping list. Your ultimate amazon baby registry. #pregnancy #FirstTimeMom #Baby #Newborn #BabyRegistry #BabyShower


xo Jannine

What you really need for your new baby. Complete amazon baby registry list with free printable.

What you need for a newborn baby. A very comprehensive first time mom shopping list for setting up your amazon baby registry with a free printable.1 #pregnancy #FirstTimeMom #Baby #Newborn #BabyRegistry #BabyShower

Ultimate amazon baby registry. Make sure you have all the baby shower items and things you need as a first time mom with the free printable checklist. #pregnancy #FirstTimeMom #Baby #Newborn #BabyRegistry #BabyShower

Your ultimate amazon baby registry. Make sure you have all the baby shower items and things you need as a first time mom with the free printable checklist. #pregnancy #FirstTimeMom #Baby #Newborn #BabyRegistry #BabyShower