Every stage of babies and children comes with new needs. These are the items we used most during the 3 – 6 month old baby period. You probably don’t need each and every one of the toys, but they all have a great purpose, and isn’t it so hard not to spoil them!

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Manhattan Toys

Manhattan Toys have quickly become a favourite in our house. They’re easy for tiny fingers to grab and have a very unique design that helps develop baby’s hand dexterity. Our two favourits were the Winkel Rattle and Teether. There are lots of colourful little tubes to grab and chew on, and it works great at helping teething pains when you let it sit in the freezer. The second favourite is the Skwish Stix. Its made of wood and elastic, and this particular model has a suction cup on the bottom making it the perfect toy for travelling. You can place it on a high chair (see below), airplane tray, table at a restaurant, window beside where you’re sitting, basically anywhere you can think of!

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Bulle Teething Bibs

Teething generally hits somewhere between 3 – 6 months and these bibs are a lifesaver. They soak up all of the drool and man is there a lot of drool!, They can chew on the silicone tip, and they’re double sided with cute patterns!

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Manhattan Toys are some of the best baby toys!

Other Toys and Entertainment

Noise Toy

Logan hates tummy time, but we found that we could get a little bit more time with him on the mat when we had a noisy interactive toy with him on his playmat. I’m not the biggest fan of lots of noisy flashy toys, but you can find one that suits your needs. The right toy will serve you well with strengthening your baby with longer tummy time. I should add that he still hates tummy time, but I’ll take our wins when I can 😉 

Pacifier Clip

This is only neccessary if your baby uses a pacifier, but we found them to be super helpful in keeping it attached to Logan and off of the ground. In the newborn days we found it to be too heavy and would actually pull it out of his mouth, but it was perfect for the 3 – 6 month stage. The silicone ones are great because they can chew on them when the pacifier falls out too. If you find yours to be a little tight I recommend running it through the dishwasher. We did that to clean it, and it loosened it up a bit making it more flexible. I wouldn’t do it too much though because it could cause the clip to rust.

There are so many great small shops to buy these from. Ours is from Loulou Lolipop, but you can also get them from Bebe and Tot, Glitter and Spice, and Otherware.


These toys are great for babies tiny little fingers. The rattle was actually the first toy Logan every picked up 🙂 They have lots of different variations, but the two we use most are the rattle and car. The rattle is on our toy leash with a few other toys in the diaper bag, and the car stayed at our bed for a long time so he could play with it in the mornings.

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Toy Leash

Toy leashes are longer than pacifier clips and have so many great purposes. You can attach them to almost anything and they help prevent toys from hitting the ground. You can also create a mini toy collection by stringing a bunch of toys together that will stay with your babe while you are out and about. I found mine on sale at Mothering Touch, a great local mom and babe boutique, but I was able to dig up some similar ones on Amazon that you can check out if you can’t find them in store.

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Jolly Jumper

Logan absolutely loves his Jolly Jumper! It’s a great way for babies to be independent and move freely on their own without the help of their parents. It’s also great for strengthening their leg muscles, but you do want to limit their time on it and make sure they have really great head control. Their little bodies can only take so much!

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The exersaucer has been great for keeping Logan busy and building his core muscles. I’m not one to constantly have him in some sort of container at all times, but it’s nice to have a spot to put him in that he loves and can develop from that also gives me a chance to do x, y, and z. What I love about the Evenflo Triple the Fun Exersaucer is that it has so many functions carrying the baby through different developmental stages.

It can be a stationary exersaucer, it also has bouncing and rotating functions, and it can be transformed into a play table. There are many different toys that velcro or pop into place. Some have mirrors or spin, others have sound and lights, and many are just stationary and great to chew on. This exersaucer is a bit pricier so I recommend getting it second hand from some sort of swap and shop group.

There's so many fun things for your 3 - 6 month old baby to play with on a great exersaucer like the evenflo triple the fun exersaucer.

Other Baby Essentials

High Chair

Although babies generally aren’t eating until they’re 6 months of age we loved using the highchair so Logan could get used to it and have somewhere safe to hangout while I did things like cooking dinner. We really like the Phil and Teds Poppy highchair because it’s super easy to clean and has a nice modern design. It has caught our toes a few times on the legs, but we quickly got used to it’s dimensions and think it’s so worth it for how easy it is to clean.

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Sleep Sack

We used blankets when Logan was really little, but as he started to move around more we wanted something safer for him to sleep in like a sleep sack. We were lucky enough to be given the Perlim Pinpin bamboo sleep sack from Thyme Maternity. We’ve purchased a few different ones since and keep coming back to these super soft bamboo ones. They’re nice and light with layered soft bamboo material and they have a bottom opening zipper allowing for quick and easy diaper changes. Once Logan needs some in the next size we will definitely get more!

Baby Beluga Stretchy Baby Wrap

I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog (0-3 month essentials, stretchy baby wrap review, New Mama Gift Guide), and that’s because this is one of my top favourite baby items. You can use it from birth until babe is 25 – 30 pounds, and I never leave the house without it. I’ve pulled it out of the diaper bag when Logan’s having a melt down, needs a nap and just won’t settle, or when we’re out and about and the stroller isn’t handy or practical. It’s also good around the house if your baby is fussy and just wants to be held but you want to keep your hands free. Basically it’s amazing and everyone should have it <3

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Over Multi Use Cover

I’ve also mentioned the Over Baby Cover a few times on the blog (0-3 month essentials, New Mama Gift Guide), and again, that’s because it’s so great. It works as a carseat cover protecting baby from the elements and prying hands, and allows them to sleep uninterrupted by light. It also doubles as a nursing cover and triples as a shopping cart cover. Its made of super breathable material and folds up nice and small for your diaper bag.

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What are some baby essentials you keep using over and over again?

xo Jannine

Baby must haves for your 3 - 6 month baby. The perfect list for new moms that aren't sure what baby essentials they need. #BabyMustHaves #FirstTimeMom #NewMom #Parenting #Baby

Baby must haves for your 3 - 6 month old baby. All of the baby essentials you will need as a first time mom. #Baby #BabyRegistry #BabyEssentials #BabyMustHaves

The complete list of 3 - 6 month old baby essentials.

The baby essentials specifically for 3 - 6 month old babies.